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EMFS - Are They Killing You While You Sleep?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The #1 Way To Completely Eliminate EMFS In Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Sleep is Your Super Power!

Part 1

  • How Sleep Deprivation Impacted My Health

  • How Important Is Sleep In the Quest for a Longer Healthier Life?

  • What Is An EMF, And What Are The Dangers?

  • Why Is A Sleep Sanctuary Necessary?

  • The #1 Way To Completely Eliminate EMFS in Your Bedroom

  • Creating Your Sleep Sanctuary


How Sleep Deprivation Impacted My Health

A brain specialist told me he could not help me with my mood swings, anxiety, or weight loss without first fixing my sleep.

I need sleep; I need more sleep, I need better sleep! Sound familiar?

Twenty years ago, I went to a psychiatrist who was a brain specialist, I was depressed, anxiety-ridden, suffering from severe mood swings, and I was carrying around an extra 10 pounds.

I was drinking too much coffee in the mornings and too much wine in the evenings, and I was burning the candles at both ends. While attempting to be a great wife, an amazing mother, and building a successful career, I was slowly destroying my health.

I remember telling him I'm like a Jekyll and Hyde. I must have some sort of mood disorder! What is wrong with me???? I never know who is going to show up, and neither does anyone else in my family. It's scary, and I don't like this feeling, I am so stressed out and moody, and I feel like I could snap at any moment.

His first question was, "how are you sleeping"? Sleeping? I'm not sleeping ... I go to bed around 11 and at 3 AM I'm wide awake so I get out of bed and my day starts.

I would get more done in those 5 hours before the family started moving than I did all day... I thought I was productive. I didn't realize my adrenals were stressed to the max, my hormones were whacked, and my body and mind were shutting down.

Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent reason. -Matt Walker

He said, Donna, I can not help you at all; until will fix your sleep, I can't address your moods or your health issues until you are getting good quality sleep. I had been on this schedule for about two years, using Tylenol PM as a sleeping pill. I found out later this is NOT a good idea.

Little did I know my sleep deprivation was a recipe for disaster and 10 years later I would be paying the price. I'm sure my sleep disorder was one of the significant contributors along with stress, and who knows what else, to my breast cancer and the malignant tumor in my parotid gland, which I'm convinced is from 30 years of cell phone use.

My Doctor was a brain specialist and knew what he was talking about, so I followed his advice. He prescribed Trazadone and explained that it would not have the harmful effects of Tylenol PM, and it would allow me a complete sleep cycle. It worked for me at the time, I can't speak for anyone else, and every pill we take comes with its own set of risks, so be sure and check with your Doctor.

I'm happy to say that I have since learned and practice many other ways to hack my sleep naturally, no prescriptions are needed. I have taken a deep dive into the world of sleep, and I'm thrilled to be able to share what I've learned.


How Important Is Sleep In the Quest for a Longer Healthier Life?

Sleep is one of the most powerful regulators of your immune system. -Matt Walker

Let me just share with you that Matt Walker, Sleep Diplomat, is one of my heroes! I listen to his podcasts religiously, read his books, and follow him on social media.

According to Matt Walker the following are just some of the consequences of not getting enough sleep:

  • Our immune system's function is severely inhibited

  • Cardiovascular disease is accelerated

  • Getting one hour less of sleep has been found to increase heart attacks by 24%.

  • Men who are sleeping 5-6 hours/night will have a level of testosterone that of 10 years their senior

  • Disruption of deep sleep is an underappreciated factor that is contributing to cognitive decline or memory decline in aging, and most recently, we've discovered, in Alzheimer's disease, as well.

  • And the scary thing is, as we age – sleep quality declines

  • If you only get 4 hours of sleep, there is a 70% drop in natural killer cell activity.

  • Significant links between short sleep duration's and your risk of developing numerous forms of cancer have been found, including bowel, prostate, and breast cancer.

So yes, sleep is a NEED, I don't like to use that word often, although it is totally appropriate here. We NEED our sleep, good quality sleep every night.


What Is An EMF, And What Are The Dangers?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Technology produces intense electromagnetic fields, that can cause health risks. You are exposed daily from Wi-Fi, your phone, and your computer. EMFS throw your body out of wack and can affect virtually any system within your body.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything in the Universe has its own electromagnetic field. Also, everything man makes has an electromagnetic field. It is a measurable type of energy, and for the human body, the EMF frequencies are the life of our cells.

Electromagnetic radiation is the energy that is projected from the EMFS. There are good and safe EMFS and bad and harmful EMFS for our body.

The entire natural world, even your body, produces electromagnetic fields. But these fields are low in intensity. Bioelectrical signals help to regulate many of the processes of the human body. Science is proving that every cell in your body might have its very own electromagnetic field!

We will touch more on this when we talk about the healing properties of using a PEMF Mat (pulsed electric-magnetic field mat). I use an iMRS PEMF Mat, you can check it out in my Biohack Shop!

Modern technology produces much more intense electromagnetic fields, and these fields can cause health risks. You cannot see or hear them. Your Wi-Fi, mobile phone, and your computer are exposing you daily.

These strong artificial EMFS enter into your body daily and interfere with the natural way your body was meant to work. EMFS throw your body out of wack and can affect virtually any system within your body, including your sleep cycles, stress levels, immune system, and even your DNA.

There are thousands of studies outlining the effects of toxic EMF exposure, with some resources listed here.


Why Is A Sleep Sanctuary Necessary?

We heal when we sleep it's an opportunity for our body to recover from the day, so yes consider your bedroom a sanctuary. Create a space where you can heal and rejuvenate from the daily onslaught of modern toxins that we are exposed to.

To achieve the best sleep possible every night, I hack my sleep in several ways.

To know if my hacks are working, I track my sleep with an OURA ring.

I go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every night of the week. I monitor the temperature in my room and sleep in complete darkness. I'll be sharing all of my hacks, tips, tools, and habits in future articles.

What I'm most excited about right now is turning my bedroom into a SLEEP SANCTUARY; this is the place I go to every night to allow my body to heal, to sleep deeply, and to let my cells to rejuvenate.

I know that I am exposed daily to toxins that are beyond my control, my cell phone, Wi-Fi signals, and electricity.

By eliminating all those toxins at night, I can put my body in a safe calm place, a place like nature intended me to sleep in, away from light, electricity, and noise.