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About Me

Hello Peeps!

I am a serial entrepreneur who relishes a good challenge! I have started several successful ventures, from event planning to real estate development, and we all know how challenging startups can be. Although my most significant challenge came when I found out I had cancer.

When doctors told me the breast cancer had a 70% return rate; I knew I was in a fight for my life. At one point, during a chemo infusion, the left side of my body became momentarily paralyzed, and upon further evaluation they found cancer had also spread to my spine.

I was devastated, and knew that I needed to do everything possible to fight back against the cancer. In addition to traditional forms of medicine, I sought the help of experts in the fields of Naturopathic and Alternative functional medicine.


Through my research and advice from experts, I created a routine to support and enhance the conventional cut, burn, and poison therapies with alternative methods aimed at strengthening my body on a cellular level. In addition to the weekly chemo, I had bi-weekly ozone IV's and high dose vitamin cocktails. Utilizing hyperbaric chambers, various saunas, red light therapies, and lifestyle changes, I was able to support my immune system and ultimately defeat cancer.


My journey hasn't stopped there. Just because I beat cancer, doesn't mean I can stop. I have continued to research and build my weekly routine of human optimization therapies and lifestyle.

When we are dealing with unique challenges, such as life-altering illnesses with sometimes debilitating fallout, no hormones, and aging, in general, finding the answers can be overwhelming. I believe that this is where I can help. I am now utilizing my skills and expertise in business, my love of people, along with my knowledge of wellness alternatives, and biohacking tech to help others.

I have created the only ultimate 360-degree experience available all in one place. I have compiled the top proven tools, routines, and habits of world-class performers. Participants will learn, live, and take home the know-how to make sustainable healthy changes in their daily life.

My ultimate vision is to develop a business model that will be able to sustain a non-profit division. During my journey, I realized that not all people who need help could afford these alternative modalities. My ultimate goal is to find a way to provide these services to those in need.

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