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Aqua-8 Ozone Generator

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Special Features

  • 18-setting functional timer

  • Internal memory that maintains the previous setting if the device is turned off mid-treatment

  • Two 36" flexible tubes for ozonating

  • Two 1" oblong, grey diffuser stones

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Wall-mountable

  • One-year full parts and service warranty*

Parts Included

  1. Aqua-8 ozone generator

  2. Aqua-8 operation manual

  3. Two pieces of long polyurethane tubes for ozonating (each 36 inches long)

  4. Two 1" grey diffuser stones

  5. Spare fuse

How it Works

  • Plug the Aqua-8 into an electrical outlet.

  • Attach one end of the tubing (36 inches long) into the ozone outlet on the side of the Aqua-8 and attach a stone diffuser onto the other end of the tube.

  • Extend the tubing so that the diffuser stone and the Aqua-8 ozone generator are as far apart as possible.

  • Push in the power button located on top of the unit to the ON position.

  • Press the plus (+) button to select the desired function setting from the table for the desired application time.

  • The minus (-) button will step down the setting numbers sequentially.

12% off at Checkout
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