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The SuperWoman Optimization Retreat

Would you like to have more energy, a healthy  body, and clear mind?

Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to help you reach your goals?

You do not have to accept the signs of aging such as loss of energy or the breakdown of your body and mind. I have trained at the top biohacking facilities, met with leading doctors, and researched and tested PROVEN routines, habits, and tools that will optimize your body and REVERSE the effects of aging and disease. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this life changing knowledge with you!

People often ask me what my secrets are to looking healthy, and feeling young and energized. Many want to know how they can start making the positive lifestyle change to live a healthier life and have more energy. Very few people know where to begin, and I didn't at first either. That is why I created the SuperWoman Optimization Retreat, to share the knowledge I have gained with you! I’ve tested these methods and I know that they can get you results. In just one week, I can teach you the habits, tools, and routines you need to reach your mind, body, and lifestyle goals.

An Immersive Health, Weight Loss, & Fitness Program Based on 5 Simple, Proven Principles.

Designed Around Daily Hikes, Mindfulness, Biohacking Tech, and Healthy Nutrition

The SuperWoman Optimization Retreat is an all-inclusive 8 day, 7 night small, individualized immersive experience designed and led by health optimization expert Donna Haugen.


At the retreat, attendees will learn proven methods and healthy lifestyle choices to restore their body's natural balance, improve sleep, energy levels, look better, and ultimately shed pounds.


Located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona with luxurious accommodations, Donna will be with you every step of the way, teaching you routines and habits, and providing tools that you can add into your daily routine to look and feel better and add quality years to your life!

Who should attend?

This retreat is for women who are looking to learn proven, simple solutions that can be easily integrated into their daily life to create exceptional health results.


Do you find yourself saying any of the following:

  • I can’t lose weight.

  • I’m not sleeping well.

  • I have no energy.

  • I’m overwhelmed with information, I don’t know what works and what doesn’t.

  • I don’t even know where to start.

  • I’m aging too fast and I do not like how I look and feel right now.


If you can relate to any of those problems, then The SuperWoman Optimization Retreat is meant for you!

Space is limited to ensure a personalized experience.

Meet Your Retreat Leader Donna Haugen
Meet Your Retreat Leader Donna Haugen

A serial entrepreneur who has fought and won against the deadliest disease affecting humans today: Cancer
After her diagnosis, she battled with the decision on how to treat her cancer. Did she want to do chemo and radiation? Would the benefits outweigh the costs? She battled with the fears of the diagnosis and the decisions on how to treat it. Ultimately, in addition to traditional forms of medicine, she sought the help of experts in the fields of Naturopathic and Alternative functional medicine to make sure her body, mind, and immune system were as healthy as they could be before, during, and after her treatments.
Using therapies such as ozone, far infrared, compression, PEMF, as well as IVs of Vitamin C, Turmeric, and much more, she was able to strengthen her immune system and body. She ultimately defeated the cancer and thanks her wholistic approach to treatment for her positive outcome and improved health post-treatment.

The Real Fight To Get "Myself"
Back Began After I "Beat" Cancer

Her journey into the human optimization world has only continued since, and she has become a well-known and respected member of the community.

With her skills and expertise, she has now made it her passion to tell her story and share these proven techniques with the world. This includes the SuperWoman Optimization Retreat to help optimize the human mind, body, and spirit using the same techniques that helped her optimize her own body and survive cancer treatment.

A personal message from Donna

“I have spent years trying to find the best, most efficient health techniques to improve my mind, body and spirit. I created this health optimization retreat to share what I have learned with women like me, so they can reach their goals faster and more efficiently. There are a lot of diets, fads, and products on the market, it’s easy to get frustrated trying them all. I’ve done the work for you and I’m here to teach you effective tools and techniques.

All of these tools, tips, and techniques are handed to you by me personally minute by minute in a manageable, relaxed, fun, and productive environment where I will be holding your hand through this daily journey. I will be there to guide you, support you, and answer your questions with unconditional love and understanding because I have been there! I have been where you are today. So come take this journey with me, a day in the life of Donna...for a week!

You will continue to get better and better, I have, and so can you!"

- Donna Haugen

What to expect?

My 5 Principles to Longevity


Quantify with PNOE

To know what a win looks like, we first need to quantify where you are. You will get the latest Cardio-Metabolic Analysis to create your individualized Nutrition and health optimization plan.


It's All About The Water

HYDRATION is critical! It's all about the water you drink, and we will teach you everything you need to know.


Sleep Mastery

Sleep is your superpower and critical to achieving your personal goals. We have created "Sleep Sanctuaries,"  you will feel the healing and recovery begin when you are sleeping in the ideal environment. We will share with you the necessary tools and knowledge to improve the quality of your sleep, which is critical to achieving your personal goals.


Detox, Reset, Recharge

Start restoring on a cellular level. We use groundbreaking tech to detox and proven mindfulness techniques that you can learn to incorporate into your daily routine.


Movement Magic

Daily exercise and movement will extend your life by improving your health and keep you feeling and looking younger! Enjoy daily hikes, yoga, and unique fitness routines.

Why Choose Oh Jus Life?

I have created the only ultimate 360-degree experience all in one place. I have compiled the top proven tools, routines, and habits of world-class performers and folded them into 5 Principles. You will take home the know-how to make sustainable healthy changes in your daily life that will make profound changes for a longer life.

Daily Schedule

Morning yoga/stretching and hikes, afternoon biohacking sessions, evening educational programs, and healthy cuisine fill your active week.

Morning Programing

6:00 - Gentle Wake-Up / New Morning Routines For A Great Day

6:30 - Light Yoga / Stretching / Mindfulness

7:00 - Light Breakfast

8:00 - Mountain Hiking

12:30 - Nutritious Lunch

Afternoon Programing

1:30 - Biohacking Sessions Begin

7:00 - Dinner

8:00 - Educational Talk / Daily Recap / Winding Down for Better Sleep

9:30 - Gentle Wake-Up / New Morning Routines For A Great Day

All retreats start with guests arriving on a Sunday. Guests can arrive at any time before 1pm for check- in and are welcome to explore the grounds upon arrival. Dinner will be served at 7pm after all guests have finished initial tests.

All retreats end after farewell brunch at 11am on the following Sunday. Guests are welcome to stay on the grounds until their flights depart.

Biohacking Basics

Sessions include and not limited to:

Compression Therapy

Ozone Sauna Therapy

PEMF Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Unlimtied daily access to:

Vibration Plate

Brain Tap

Sound Vibration Mat

Amethyst Mat



“I would love to look and feel better.''


“There’s nothing out there to address the challenges women of our age face such as; menopause, lack of hormones, bone loss and building lean muscle mass”.


"Please help me! I need to get healthier and put myself back together.”

Retreat Details

Flight Details

Please plan to fly in to Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX). Ground transportation is included in the retreat price and will be arranged once your flights are confirmed.

Payment Plans

Customized payment plans are available and can be arranged when speaking with our team.

Accommodation Incidentals

A credit card must be presented at the time of check-in, in case of incidental charges/damages.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is recommended, but not required. Itinerary is subject to change.

Deposit Policy

To reserve your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $750 per person is required. The entire balance must be paid 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat.

Cancellation Policy

Your non-refundable deposit of $750 will not be refunded. Please review our Terms and Conditions for the breakdown of our cancellation policy.

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