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The 6 Months to 60 Challenge

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

"The Before Picture" May 2019

This is My Ultimate Biohack Challenge.

Is it possible to change my mind, body, and soul in 6 months?

I'll be honest with you, I've been working on "becoming a new me for most of my life." One of the biggest "aha" moments was when I realized that there is nothing wrong with me! The me I am, was and always have been is perfectly perfect! Despite what I've always thought, what I've told myself, what "labels" were given to me by me or others, that's pretty much crap! What is a label? Just a word, change the label, change what you think of yourself. Anyway, Is there room for improvement? Yes, lots and lots and lots of room! That's where the fun comes in! I believe I'm a pretty cool chick and with some remarkable new and some of my tried and true biohacking techniques I think I can be the very best version of me on the inside and out. I'll be biohacking my body from the inside out at #upgradelabs the brainchild of Bulletproof Founder and "father of biohacking", #dave.asprey . I also realize the importance of staying curious, continuing to learn, and striving to be a better version of myself, being nonjudgmental and loving unconditionally, that's the secret to a longer healthier life! Be rebelliously innovative and creative every day.

More on this later!

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